Supply Chain Management

Launching and operating an online business with COKeM.
We’ll help you win.


Interested in starting an online business? Want a one-stop-shop solution? Choose COKeM and we’ll help you build a custom direct-to-consumer online sales channel. We offer a comprehensive, end-to-end customer solution. We’ll address your needs with our expertise.

First, we’ll help you identify your business goals and objectives.

Then, we’ll help you launch and operate an online business complete with online ordering and payment processing.

Sound good?

Infographic Flow Chart

COKeM Offers
  • Real-Time Inventory Query
  • Advanced Checkout Technology
  • Flexible Merchandising Solutions
  • Business-To-Consumer Customer Service Support (B2C)
  • Direct-To-Consumer Fulfillment (DTC)
  • A proven history of providing successful eCommerce solutions to brands including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and more.
COKeM's 360° eCommerce Solutions
  • Website Design & Development
    COKeM can design and develop a user-friendly website that allows order payment processing and fulfillment, from the ground up.
  • Digital Marketing
    COKeM utilizes search engine optimization, email marketing programs, affiliate marketing and more to build your website’s online presence.
  • Order Payment Processing and Fulfillment
    We’ll pick, pack and ship directly to consumers on your website’s behalf. With DTC fulfillment, we’ll deliver.
  • Customer Care
    COKeM is committed to delivering exceptional customer care. We offer full B2C customer service support via phone, email and fax with customizable hours and services upon request.
  • IT Services
    COKeM utilizes a web-based reporting application that provides pre-set reports. COKeM can also provide email notifications directly to consumers on our customer's behalf, including order confirmations, shipping confirmations, order cancellations and more.