Regardless of the product and partner, COKeM is 100% dedicated to reaching that “Mission Complete” screen with every order and product. With exclusive publication deals including not only all the best brands in gaming but also world-renowned icons like MLB, doing everything we can to ensure the best end-product is the only way we know how to work. Here’s how we do that.


When clients have special bundles or other deals that need design work, COKeM is ready and able to fill that need. As part of the Alliance Entertainment family, COKeM utilizes the creative and marketing teams for the world’s largest entertainment retailer to create packaging that matches your brand while effectively communicating the product’s exciting content. We know entertainment, and we know gamers!


We boast top-of-the-line, highly accurate finishing procedures for all packaging and particularly the types of products the gaming space loves. Do you have collectors’ editions of today’s hottest AAA video games? COKeM ensures they’re finished to the highest standard of boutique entertainment collectibles.

A Customized Process From Beginning to End

Once you’re working with COKeM all your distribution concerns will be so last level. You bring the great product; COKeM will design it, package it, sell it, and ship it off—all with constant feedback so you know you’re putting out exactly the product you imagined.