About Us

Innovation. Reliability. Focus. COKeM.

Taking video game distribution to the next level.

COKeM International is a country-leading wholesale distributor of video games, video game accessories, home arcades, collectibles and consumer electronics based in Shakopee, Minnesota. From its humble origins as a computer software distributor to its current standing as a maverick of customized business solutions across industries, COKeM has aimed to innovate.

COKeM is not only for every type of gamer, it’s for every type of business. COKeM removes the middleman and offers tailored solutions, collaborating directly with the customer.

COKeM provides full-service distribution, fulfillment and 3PL services. If your consumers want it, we’ll ship it. Anytime, anywhere, with around-the-clock care.

COKeM also offers end-to-end e-commerce solutions, helping customers develop a user-friendly website and sales channel, complete with sales support and an in-house marketing team.

Have design & merchandising needs? COKeM’s in-house marketing team can also help you develop a creative concept and then manage its marketing.

At COKeM we have the capabilities to manage a product’s life cycle from start to finish. COKeM works directly with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, making the care and upkeep of popular consumer consoles a breeze.

Choose COKeM. Customizable solutions for your team, from ours.