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Product Selection & Business Solution: The Complete Entertainment Package

COKeM has a full build when it comes to video game distribution, distributing not only games and game consoles but peripherals, collectibles, promotional merchandise and anything else an avid gamer might need to lead the lifestyle. As a division of Alliance Entertainment, the world’s largest home entertainment distributor, COKeM can turn any partner into a one-stop shop for all things electronic entertainment and is a unique all-encompassing source for partner businesses and customers alike.

Video Games

COKeM distinguishes itself from the competition with sheer breadth of direct partnership; currently we are one of the only distributors in the U.S. that is direct with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, AKA the Big Three in gaming. Direct lines to all of gaming’s biggest brands means every distribution solution is bespoke for a given retailer.

We have over 1000 different titles and more than 1.5 million video games in-stock ready to ship immediately. COKeM’s focus as a games retailer is on total coverage and complete fulfillment. Not only do we stock every game your customers could want, but we also have expertise in even the most niche aspects of the games industry, being prepared to design, prep and finish collectors’ editions of games, construct bundles for new consoles and more. In a world where physical product must compete with digital purchases, COKeM ensures your storefront has every advantage when it comes to selling video games and video game accessories.

PlayStation Microsoft Nintendo


Being one of the few distributors in the U.S. that’s direct with Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo, we can provide you with unique opportunities by creating specific solutions that fit your store’s needs with the latest in the high demand consoles.


Gaming has become a lifestyle hobby, and competitive players need reliable controllers, quality sounding headsets, durable keyboards, precise mice, and lightning-fast connection and feedback to take on the best opponents around the world. Partnerships with Corsair, Turtle Beach, SanDisk, Steelseries, Kingston and more lock in the best peripherals for the gaming obsessives in your customer base. These partnerships are being taken beyond the gaming realm as well with the growing need for home offices – one shouldn’t forget about high-quality sound systems, cameras, and computer parts.

COKeM warehouses a multitude of different accessories, for the serious and the casual gamer alike. All at the ready to ship immediately. Gaming setups, home offices, entertainment centers and even smart-home integration are all covered by our diverse peripheral portfolio. There’s never been more ways for a super-fan to customize their media obsession. COKeM is how that lifestyle becomes a sale.

Home Arcade

Retro gaming is now a massive market. COKeM’s exclusive distribution relationship with Arcade 1 Up brings amazing, high-quality arcade cabinets into the homes of consumers, allowing them to build their own arcades and relive the glory days of 8-bit graphics, quarters and cheap pizza. Get into the unique market exclusively with COKeM. COKeM houses over 50 classic arcade cabinets and accessories including these exclusives with more than 183,000 units in-stock ready to ship immediately.

You might be thinking about Pac-Man, Galaga, Pong and other trendsetters of early arcades—and Arcade 1 Up has those in spades. But the catalog for your consumers extends into the late ‘80s and ‘90s to capture the Millennial crowd that are now clamoring to relive their own childhood memories. Titles like Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 add versatility and a whole new era to everyone’s home arcade. And new technology -the exclusive Infinity Table- lets gamers enjoy a huge selection of video games and boardgames all in one gorgeous, high-quality LCD-screen gaming table! The burgeoning home arcade market is yours to corner with COKeM and Arcade 1 UP!


COKeM’s growth into new categories continues to expand, supplying some of the world's largest retails with Toys and Collectibles from LEGO, Mattel, Hasbro, Mcfarlane, Funko, Super 7 and more, with over 48,000 units in stock, COKeM has become a destination for serious customers looking to quickly and easily expand their selection with our expertly curated collectibles offerings.