COKeM distinguishes itself from the competition with sheer breadth of direct partnership; currently we are one of the only distributors in the U.S. that is direct with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, AKA the Big Three in gaming. Direct lines to all of gaming’s biggest brands means every distribution solution is bespoke for a given retailer.

We have over 1000 different titles and more than 1.5 million video games in-stock ready to ship immediately. COKeM’s focus as a games retailer is on total coverage and complete fulfillment. Not only do we stock every game your customers could want, but we also have expertise in even the most niche aspects of the games industry, being prepared to design, prep and finish collectors’ editions of games, construct bundles for new consoles and more. In a world where physical product must compete with digital purchases, COKeM ensures your storefront has every advantage when it comes to selling video games and video game accessories.